sacred space – creation

When I first moved into my apartment, it was daunting. I owned next to nothing and had little to no money to spend on the things I did need. I balanced between a frustration in all my needs and desires, but a deep gratitude for all the gifts I had been given. Rather than impulsively […]

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January 2020 excerpts

I’m here to tell you something I suppose. I’m unsure of what. I know I came here to find out. This energy is very heavy. I feel lighter, which is good, but still heavy. I feel scattered in heaviness. Like as soon as one place feels too much, I move on to the next space. […]

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notes to self – letting go

stop blaming yourself stop thinking you are not good enough trust in the universe trust yourself stop worrying you don’t have to always go and get it sometimes you can receive it uncross your arms and open them wide connecting with people from your past can feel difficult especially when you have evolved, but your […]

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