coming home

Hi, I’m MegBfly,
a multidimensional creative being
who loves music, words, nature, and other living beings.

I believe in magick. Do you?

Where there is love, there is a way. I
 believe love is here to stay. 
And anyway, 
I can't wait to play. 
I like to look up at the moon and pray to the stars. 
For their power is just like ours. 
Sometimes I spit bars 
and chase cars, 
out of boredom, frustration, 
and exploration. 
I guess I should plan a vacation, 
or maybe just be patient. 

Here, on this blog, I’d like to discuss

spirituality practices, positive rituals for your home sanctuary,

and tell stories of my own experience.

The only way to truly grow up is to heal your inner child,

while also never letting that child go

completely. We must balance between Neverland and The Real World.

Let’s play, shall we?

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